The Oldest Hunter, The Newest Wax

With 2 Classes of Hard Wax for Hair Removal:

🗡️Elastic Class: Allergen Free (Hypoallergenic), Extra Elasticity

🩸Dracula & 🦂Scorpio

🗡️Poly Class: Polymer Blend of Rosin and Bee's & Microcrystalline Waxes


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  • Gun Metal Black

    Scorpio is just it's name, but this wax is as PAINLESS as can be. Both for the client and your wallet.  With the smoothest lift in our arsenal Scorpio is perfect for your sensitive skin. 

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  • Blood Red

    Dracula's super grip formula will "suck" to and get every hair with your
    first pass. Flexible enough to wait to pull, heck have lunch then come back and it still won't break!

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  • Liquid Gold

    Incredible Pull.  If you're heart is set on waxing a beard, then you need Sirius.  When you absolutely must have the strongest pull known to waxing, Sirius is here for you.

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